Founded in 1864

Specializes in Producing Authentic
Vertical Grain Early American Clapboards

Now updated!

Ward Clapboard Mill is owned and operated by the Ward family, as it has been since its inception. It has served the needs of New Englanders and beyond for four generations. Since the nineteenth century, New Englanders discovered that vertical grain clapboards made a superior siding for their homes. Our mills in Maine and Vermont continue to manufacture quality logs into our famous Ward Quarter sawn Clapboards with the same methods our workers used more than a hundred years ago.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, nothing beats the look of beveled siding. Clapboard siding gives your house a classic yet unique look and helps to feature your home’s appeal. Ward Clapboard Mill has been making clapboard siding for more than four generations. We are a family owned and operated business that strives toward quality and excellence when it comes to siding a building.

Ward Clapboard Mill uses clapboard siding because of its smooth lines and texture and can give a house a comfortable rustic look without the home looking old at all. We service all of New England. Our mills in Vermont and Maine cut down the logs and mill it into siding that we use to cover buildings and houses. Clapboard is wood siding, which is a better protective barrier than aluminum siding.

Our bevel wood siding gives an interesting look of the home. From the process, start to finish, Ward Clapboard Mill makes high quality of bevel siding and clapboard siding. For our beveled wood siding we use only the finest woods such as white pine and red spruce. We produce premium products that we are proud to deliver to our customers to help add appeal to their home.

Thank you for visiting the website of Ward Clapboard Mill. We have been in business for many years and have used the finest and strongest wood. If you are looking to change the exterior of your home and want to try something different, you will be very pleased with our clapboards. Just wait and see what it can do for the look of your home. We offer competitive pricing, but the quality of work is like no other. Please feel free to browse through our website to see the transformation of using and not using clapboard siding.

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